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About us

Welcome to the Entertainment Age!

Rise Up Radio Show

Greg along with his wife Victoria and Jarin Kenyon produce and host a show called Rise Up Radio. They have brought on shinning star guest from all over the world, including Belgium and Australia.

World Class Speaker

Jarin has traveled the world learning from Gurus, Speaking, and Researching. He has packed auditoriums to motivate the masses. 

Dynamic Duo

Jarin and Greg are both very driven people in this world. They believe in this planet and its potential. Every step they make is towards the greater good. They love to entertain and educate. 

Come meet us up close

Jarin Kenyon

Co Founder

Jarin Kenyon, Motivational Speaker, Certified Life Mastery Coach, Manifestation Teacher, and Human Design Expert. Jarin Kenyon has a bachelors degree in Kinesiology. He uses ancient wisdom, modern science, and practical tools to help people discover their life’s purpose and achieve their dreams.

Jarin empowers people to create freedom, prosperity, and happiness in their lives. He helps you to discover your highest life purpose. Through working with his teachings, you will gain incredibly strong self-esteem and the belief in your ability to create a life you love. Your dreams will become reality. In fact, creating your reality will become natural and effortless for you. The world of infinite potential and possibilities become your natural way of living.

Greg Schumacher

Co Founder

Greg Schumacher, a visionary, an entrepreneur, a truth seeker, leading the charge of the Rise up Revolution with the successful Rise Up Radio Show, Author of A Guide to the Healthiest You: Mind Body Soul, 20+ Years as a Health and Oneness Coach, Speaker and Influencer, Workshops, Events, Expos, One on One, Founder of “The Family of Light”, Bringing well-being into the Entertainment age… Called Evolution thru Entertainment.
Creator of the 5 Steps to Complete Optimization. Greg has a team building around him such as amazing talented Jarin Kenyon to bring great impact to the world. He credits a lot of his success to being a father and having an amazing wife Victoria who he calls his inspiration and his anchor. Greg believes everyone needs their anchor in their life to bring perspective and support. Let’s Optimize!